Buddy Gollini

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Buddy suffers another set back

Well it has been a while since my last posting. Over the past year Buddy has been progressing slowing but steadily. He sees Dr Lena about once a month, we just saw her on Thursday 3/6/2008. During that visit Buddy was energetic and actually rather obnoxious, he shook his needles out and begged for treats.... Lena and I discussed his progress and had planned to increase the time between treatments as he was doing so well. That was Thursday....

Friday morning Buddy seemed extra tired and somewhat lazy and out of it. I was rushing to get to work and did not make much of it... when I got home from work Friday afternoon I discovered that Buddy had suffered a set back and could not walk and was in some pain. I called Lena, she came to the house and treated him right away. He is back in confinement (and pissed BTW), on 25mg of Rimadyl, and will see Lena for acupuncture weekly. Overall we are not sure if he pulled a muscle or if this incident is more serious.

In general, he is roughly where he was a year ago, he can get around easily by scooting on his knees, goes to potty on his own and tries to stand up but is very wobbly. As usual when Buddy goes through one of these events, I am more upset than he is. It really bothers me to keep him confined and see him struggle so much.

Adding to this, my life is much more complicated this time as I am traveling significantly more then normal and will be out of town this week and next week as well. Buddy will be staying at Lien Animal Clinic while I am gone and gets good care there but I would prefer to be the one caring for him during this critical time.
Keep Buddy (and me!) in your thoughts, lets all pray for a quick recovery..... Cheers!

Tuesday, April 3, 2007

I can WALK on all 4's; I've seen the light and been Heeled!

Reporting Live from WDOG "All Dogs-All Day":

This just in from our Seattle affiliate... to start Spring 2007 off-on-the-right-foot; Buddy "Two-Legs" officially stood up and walked on March 21st! Rumor has it that he was tricked into walking by the "Don" offering him a heaping plate of Sausage & Peppers; however, this has not yet been confirmed.

Our sources tell us that Buddy & Frankie were last seen on Spring-Break while the "Don" was in Panama attending to some important "business". While Two Legs was supposed to be in physical therapy (Rehab) and Da Fat Pig was supposed to be at the gym (Fat Farm); rumor has it they got drunk and joined the K-9 fraternity Delta-Omega-Gamma (DOG)!


Monday, February 19, 2007

Don Gollini di Seattle's newest Wise-Guy - Buddy "Two-Legs" Gollini

We interrupt this Blog to bring you this Special Report...

Buddy "Two-Legs" Gollini
In an apparent retaliation for recent rude comments, cat calling and snickers, Don Gollini di Seattle held a private ceremony this weekend during which Buddy was "Made". Now known as Buddy Two-Legs or simply "Two-Legs" for short; this newest member of da family had this to say: "Any youssa guysa call mia Gimpy an-I-ma gonna killa ya, ya see..."

Frankie "da Fat-Pig" Gollini

His younger brother,"Frankie da Fat-Pig" (not yet a full fledged Wise-Guy, Maleducato!) offered this warning: "....messa widta Two-Legs anda you'll beeya swimmina widta da Salmon ya see, we ain'ta gots no plainna fishes here in da Spacifica Norta Westa, we gottsa Salmon ya see.... hhmm Salmon, I'mma hungry heyya Two-Legs, manga!"

It's not known how long before Two-Legs will be up and walking after his most unfortunate "Accident" (no comment). However he is hopping around, walking on his knees, occasionally stands on all fours and last Wednesday in an attempt to come to "Frankie da Fat-Pigs" aid during an altercation with a neighborhood Doberman who goes by the name of "D" (it is rumored that he too is a Wise-Guy from one of the other five families); Two-Legs flew out the back door and down the steps yelling loud enough to be heard in Cleveland (of all places!). Well the Don was highly annoyed as Two-Legs was a bloody mess from the concrete steps. The Don was also secretly proud of the little guy's spunk & courgage: "..datsa mya boya"

When asked if Two-Legs will keep his Wise-Guy name after making an anticipated full recovery, the Don had this to say, "yeppa, once a wisa guyya, always a wisa guyya; now getta youa outta mya facea you no good sonnaofa ..."

...aaahhhhemmmm, Well we return you to our normal Blog already in progress... -Alright then, Cheers, Thanks alot!

Resting after their recent "ordeal":

Buddy "Two-Legs" & Frankie "da Fat-Pig"
Disclaimer: This post is intended to make you laugh while updating you on Buddy's condition, anyone offended by this post or it's reference to our Italian heritage (of which I am are very proud of BTW) really needs to get a life -con amore, indossi Gollini di Seattle

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

I Can Stand Up All-By-Myself!

Just a brief update: On Saturday February 10th Buddy stood up on all four legs to eat his breakfast, all on his own!! This was rather exciting as I was not paying attention but talking with Michale, waiting for the dogs to finish so we could make our Saturday morning ritualistic trek to Starbucks for a much needed Double Tall Latte!!! Michale pointed to Buddy and said "look!" there he was standing up eating away... He has stood a few more times since then but is not yet walking. Other improvements:

  • Getting better all the time with "bathroom habits"; he is anxious to go back outside. He tries to get out the back door if I am not careful when I let Frankie out.
  • Grumpy as heck and tired of being confined - started to allow him time in the kennel with Frankie, does ok and is happy to be back into his "routine".
  • Off the Steroids and thank goodness, I am over his "roid rage"; he fights Frankie for his food, has a ferocious appetite and is overall ornery, not fun!
  • Participated in his acupuncture last week, next session is Friday... stay tuned for more!

Here is a wonderful song about Dixie, a little Dachshund; click on this link, scroll down the page until you see a link to this song: "Dixie the Tiny Dog" then click on that link to play the song...

-Thanks Dr. Lena!


Sunday, February 4, 2007

My cousin Tripp...

Here is a quick update on Buddy's progress this week:
  • He goes to the bathroom on his own completely now.
  • He has learned how to sit on his butt and using his front legs he scoots around the kitchen as fast as if he was walking!
  • His so-called diaper-rash is completely cleared up now that he can control his bladder.

One day this week I hope to catch a short video clip of his little 'scooting on his butt' trick, it is so cute!

On a more serious note, the lesson Buddy shares with us is to "adapt and over come adversity". He doesn't worry how silly he looks or worry if all the other dogs will laugh at him, nope he has figured out how to do all the things he likes to do in spite of his physical limitations. What he can't do on his own, he figures out how to get me to do it for him! (smart dog)

My sister Michele's dog Tripp is starting to lose his sight. Please send her and Tripp positive thoughts and prayers as they adjust to Tripp's "special needs". Since they live 3000 miles away, I put up a special Blog for her and Tripp. Michele; thought you might have some fun with this Blog. Putting Buddy's site up and the positive feedback from everyone, has given me the strength to do take Buddy through another difficult rehabilitation. You and your family are in my thoughts & prayers, love you!

Tripp's Blog site: http://tripphorvat.blogspot.com/

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

"Dr. Lena, I know you have treats hidden here somewhere!"

Well we had our weekly acupuncture session with "Doctor Lena" today and I am happy to report he is doing well and continues to make progress. Today's session went a little different... Buddy was more interested in exploring the treatment room in search of Lena's stash of doggie treats than he was the acupuncture itself. Last week Buddy was very serious and focused on his treatment but this week he seem just not all that interested. Those of you who really know me, know how I felt about this.... I was like "Buddy, this is costing me a fortune, now pay attention and focus darn it!" (Just kidding Dr. Lena, you are worth every penny and then some!!!)

On a more serious note, Lena says Buddy's reaction to today's treatment is a good sign that he feels better and is healing. Other good news is that he is starting to go "potty" on his own, and when he does need help, I can feel him pushing along with me to help out. He cannot control where and when he goes yet, but that's ok, he applied for and was granted special permission to break the rules until he is all better.

Starting tomorrow I will the gradual process of taking him off the steroid treatment. This is done by gradually reducing his dosage over several weeks to encourage his body to start producing the chemicals/hormones/whatever on it's own. This treatment cannot be stopped all at once.

Thank you everyone for your love, support and wonderful comments here on Buddy's Blog. When I get discouraged and tired of smelling like dog pee (Michele you know what I mean sister!); I look at what you all have written and gather the strength to grab the mop & carpet fresh! Cheers!

These were taken today January 30, 2007 - Click on the pictures & they will expand to full size - Enjoy!

Friday, January 26, 2007

Buddy is on the road to Recovery!

Thanks everyone for all your support and well wishes! Overall Buddy is doing ok, that said here is a summary of his progress and treatment thus far:

Treatment Plan:

  • Oral Steroids – twice per day – manage pain, reduce inflammation and swelling of the disk, accelerate the healing process
  • Antibiotics – twice per day – this is to prevent bladder infection
  • Chinese Herbal Therapy – with every meal, this is to treat “blood deficiency” in Chinese medicine
  • Acupuncture – once per week – Lena is treating a variety of issues including: heart, liver, back…
  • Restriction – he lives in a small pet carrier for now, in a week or so I will move him back in the big kennel with Frankie

Physical Condition/Limitations: As of today Buddy continues to suffer complete paralyses of both hind legs and impaired/limited bladder control. I have had him to the vet a couple times to have them “help him go”. This is a concern as complications could develop including: bladder infection, damage to the bladder's muscle fibers or worse his bladder could rupture. They showed me two procedures to use at home to help manage this. Lucky for me Buddy has figured out how to make this process happen as well however, by no means does he have control over this function, just asked Nick! BTW, Buddy says opps sorry 'bout that Nick :)

Mental/emotional Health: Buddy is in good spirits, he has shown/told me that he has the desire and will to get through this once again. At times he seems uncomfortable but not in pain, both of his doctors checked him out and feel his pain is being properly managed. He actually has so much spirit that I have to keep a close watch on him when he is out of his cage. He crawls all over the place like nothing is wrong, he would head for the front door I he saw a dog leash in my hand!

What’s on Buddy’s Mind: For those of you who believe in the unconventional; he met with both an animal communicator and a psychic; they both had nice little chats with him. Here’s what Buddy has to say about all this….

  • He is doing fine but is worried about me, he wants me to let this go and not to be sad for him
  • He wants peanut butter not spray cheese with his pills
  • He wants more "one on one time" with me. Frankie keeps cutting in for attention all the time
  • He wants to wear the bandana Grandma made for him, it makes him look cool!

What’s Next: He has acupuncture again this Tuesday, January 30th. Soon after that I will be able to start physical therapy to get his legs moving again. A lot of people are asking about putting him in a cart, that is an option that I am holding at bay for now. As long as he shows strong progress, his rehabilitation will progress faster if I force him to use his legs.


  • Last night and then again this morning he adjusted his legs so that he could sit properly while he ate
  • This morning he peed on his own “like normal”… well almost, he did it on the living room carpet, but hey progress is progress!

Monday, January 22, 2007

Buddy suffers acute disk rupture

On Wednesday, January 17, 2007 Buddy ruptured another disk in his back while Frankie and I were sleeping. Frankie was fussing and woke me up around 530 AM, that is when I found out that Buddy was in trouble. He could not walk and was experiencing several convulsions and had difficulty breathing. Having been through this 3 times already in the past 7 years, I immediately knew what was wrong.

I kept Buddy as calm as possible and got him into the hospital Thursday morning. There he was seen and treated by his Guardian Angle, Dr. Lena McCullough. She his is acupuncturist and is responsible for his recovery last year. When she was finished with her session, Buddy was completely relaxed and had moved his back legs to stretch them. She gave him a treat, he licked her face, we then knew he was going to pull through.....

From there we went to his Primary Care Vet and got cortisone injections, steroids and antibiotics..... And so the long process of recovery for Buddy has begun again. I will update this often so you can track his progress. Please keep Buddy in your thoughts and prayers; it really does make all the difference!

Next treatment is: Acupuncture Tuesday 1/23/2007